I’ve never been a fan of boy-girl School Interactions that much. Back when I was in second year, my classmates begged the Student Council of our department to hold interactions for them. Several slots were opened for our section to go interact with Colegio de Sta. Rosa, Makati. Most of my friends insisted that I go. I didn’t.

Now we have a sorta-“mandatory” interaction with St. Paul QC. It was held last September… *thinks real hard of the date* anyway, so we had an interaction with them. Right after the occasion the aftershocks of the event weren’t felt. The weeks after, it was catastrophe (as I would see it).

1st Aftershock: The Attack of the YM Maniacs

I happen to be one of the YM addicts in our class. More often than not, you would catch me at YM talking with my friends. But right after our interaction, it seemed like sunlight has dawned over the almost-extinct Yahoo! accounts of my classmates, for every night I would see new faces in YM trying to add me into their list, 90% of them, my classmates. The reason? They wanna talk with the girls they “met” through the interaction.

2nd Aftershock: The Blind Item

It wasn’t long after the 1st aftershock that another one occured: the blind items. You would often hear them teasing each other of letters. At first I was rather confused of what the heck they’re trying to point out, turns out, they were match-making this classmate of mine to a Paulinian Girl that starts with the letter “M”, for example. Blind Item! Hehe… Sometimes, when they get real angry with each other, they’d go: “Ganyan ka lang kasi di ka pinansin ni F eh!” And I would be like: “Ha?! F!!??” As I furthered down my research it turned out that this “F” is the hottest new girlaloo in town, she’s selling like hotcakes and my classmates go ga-ga over her.

3rd Aftershock: “Sorry, you do not have money left in your account…”

Ubusan ng load. I would often eavesdrop in their conversations, and the topic on “naubusan ako ng load” springs up very often. Those tireless fingers seem to be battling with the keypad of their cellphones all night that the moment they hear the “teeet” sound and the “COS” message on their phone, they’re doomed. They scower for the nearest Autoload or E-Load store or call their friends for them to Pass-A-Load to them, for the sake of not giving the person on the other end of the waveline the impression that they are being ignored.

4th Aftershock: Bisita Paulinian

You can never get them to go somewhere else on Friday Afternoons than to St. Paul QC. They want to visit and see their partners. Sometimes, not just their partners, but somebody else’s partner. No issue on this, since it’s quite common for a guy to visit a girl in her school.

5th Aftershock: Life Ends when getting Dumped begins

It seems like their whole life is focused over these girls. They’d eat, call, play games, surf the internet talking about them. It seems like the “Can’t Get You Outta My Head” syndrome has spread over our class, and one of its major symptoms is: getting dumped. I would often hear stories of somebody being ignored by this girl, or somebody’s world actually crashed because of learning some truth about a certain girl… Things like that, I don’t totally understand, really. It seems like these girls have had control over my classmates and had them rolling in the palm of their hands.

I’m not against these things. I’m not for them either. It seems like I’m the only person in class who is not affected by these “afterschocks” (oh, there’s Charlie! hehe). It’s just that, my focus is not on having a relationship right now, but on my studies, and on my God. I don’t blame my classmates, it’s just normal for a 16-year-old to act like that. It just seems like these “aftershocks” are having total control over their lives, which is not good, and which I am most concerned about.

Has the student council planned to have these interactions on the purpose of bringing these aftershocks and ruining students’ lives?! *X-Files theme on the background*

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