We were having discussions last Thursday Afternoon in class as to what snack we’d buy for us and for our parents once we come home from our retreat on Wednesday. I was a bit enthusiastic suggesting things like going pot luck, contributions, etc. Most of my classmates, on the other hand, don’t disagree with my suggestions. They disagree with the fact that their parents would come over and have snacks with them, right after their retreat. It was as if this “retreat” thing of ours is only for our own sake. Selfish.

I get saddened by the fact that teenagers today are becoming so distant from their parents. I myself, has become so distant before that I rarely talk to them. But everything changed when I underwent the Days With The Lord Spiritual Workshop. It has not only brought me closer to Christ, it has also brought me closer to my parents, which is the main purpose of the workshop. It made me understand my parents well, just as a guy would understand a girl during her offset days.

I know sometimes our parents can be so irritating. But I won’t ever forget the fact that they are my parents. They’re the only parents I’ve got in the world, and no one can ever replace the love they’ve endowed on me.

I love my parents more. I love you mom and dad! (Next step: say that to mom and dad personally)

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