I started to get a bit “Health-Conscious” lately. It all started when I noticed a jambaloney of dangling fat in front of me while I lay down in bed watching TV. Have I been slacking off too much? Have I been eating too much fat, carbo’s or calories? I started a resolution. I will not eat rice anymore, just to see if I’ve been putting up more on carbos.

But still, temptation arises.

Rice is still the Filipino tandem with ulam. I could not imagine a meal without rice. It’d be like hamburger without ketchup or barbeque without sauce. I just can’t live without rice beside my dish.

Any suggestions on how to cut down on weight? Xenical or Bangkok Pills perhaps? Exercise is too tiring, plus I have a weak heart so too much adrenaline isn’t good for me… Or maybe I should go join Slim for Him! I hate the eposure, though…

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